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Text by Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena
Published: Volume 20, Issue 9, September, 2012

Tales that dive into diverse metros, a journey across picturesque terrains, stories of love and intrigue. Verve selects a few new reads that grip the imagination

Anjali Joseph
HarperCollins India

Her prize-winning novel Saraswati Park had made the city of Mumbai come alive. In Anjali Joseph’s second work, Another Country, her writing gets more introspective, for like Joseph, Leela Ghosh the central protagonist, is a Cambridge English graduate whose life straddles three cities – Paris, London and Mumbai. Joseph’s ability to create character is what makes this work an interesting read.

Rishi Vohra
Jaico Publishing

Wine specialist, Rishi Vohra’s debut novel is a heady tale of the lives of Babloo and Vandana and the world of railways. Babloo is described as autistic, schizophrenic and psychotic by almost everyone around him. Through the twists in the tale, the characters (which also include a Rail Man, a kind of a super hero) get tied together by random plot developments. Pick it up to read a nice narrative with middleclass values and the eternal battle of good trying to overcome evil.

Aruna Gill
HarperCollins India

This espionage thriller unfolds in Pakistan’s dust bowl province. The centre of the swiftly moving tale is the Mir, a militant Baloch separatist driven as much by the need to seek revenge as he is by his ardour for a free homeland. He eludes the ISI, as he plays games with the CIA and RAW. Aruna Gill’s debut novel is full of intrigue – at every step political expediency tramples on morality, deception looms large and love and betrayal are two sides of the same coin.

Vikramajit Ram
HarperCollins India

A tribute to one of the beautiful spots on earth – Ladakh. Read it for its vivid descriptions of the terrain, the camaraderie of the author and his travelling companion, their interactions with the locals and the colourful pictures. The armchair travelogue will take you to Drass where the action of the Kargil War took place. Enter the homes of the Ladakhis to experience their lives vicariously.

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